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    To be honest, Eagle and Strellan are correct. I also think Mark will also agree now he no longer works with these assho... I mean people.

    In the end the Unity "project" is totally illegal and will fall under the same banner as any pserver. The reason is not because of stolen code as pservers fall foul of but because of stolen graphical resources. Even though the exact 110100110110011 might not be the same when it's ported to Unity, it will be clear to any legal team that the graphics in Unity are the same as the graphics used in Rohan. The same applies to the dimensions of the meshes used and the same goes with the animations.

    In a court of law, the Unity "project" will crumble and Yurneroo will once again be relegated to nothing more than flaming other developers because that's all he's capable of. The guy is trash and half of his team has deserted him because of his self-centred attitude.

    Keep going Yurn! I so want you to actually complete and release something so I can see you get totally mauled by your own blind arrogance.
    Jesus, why all the hate man? You know, I really was attempting to keep from identifying people

    I can go on at length how the outcome if such a battle would take place. Particularly in that the international courts work with tangibles such as patents (those are used to prove ownership intangible IP such as ideas). Courts do not work with intangibles and there are many precedents out there that prove that. I have also advised him long ago to put enough uniqueness into his work to keep these battles to a minimum - the only winners i those are lawyers.

    Bashing Yurneroo or the folks still working with him here really serves no point. I hold no ill will toward any of them, but in fact still consider them all friends in as much as I consider you one. If it comes to a legal showdown between his company and PW, I am sure they will handle it as they see fit or not. I can't believe they would put 3+ years of their lives into something like this if they are not reasonably secure in the knowledge that they can make it sork for them.

    As I have chosen to no longer be a part of that effort, it is no longer my concern. Nor should it be yours. All of that certainly has no place here.
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    There is nothing noble about being superior to others. True nobility is gained by becoming superior to one's former self.

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