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    ISen achievement system bug

    I have 1495 points which can be exchanged to Guardian of Victory title as expected and announced on Isen event website, but I can't exchange it for the title which only costs 1400 points. I had sent ticket to YNK : #218397, but no response.

    Please GM take a look at this issue before the event has gone on Dec 8th.

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    I got that bug too, and sent ticket but did not get any information from gm

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    Yeah, there are many threads like that. Send ticket guys. Maybe they can review it when it is directly escalated.

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    i dont know what happen to GMs nowadays theyre being inept and incompetent...u send ticket and u got replies like a wk or 2 wks after lmao...bad sign for this game...ISEN achievement bugged,ROHANOPOLY bugged,FASHION FRENZY bugged!!!!what is else is not bugged in this game...xD if i were u guys better start packing ur bags and look for another game out there...

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    What's the bug in the Fasion Frenzy?

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    I think there's no invalid info error when you purchase Tickets for fashion frenzy
    The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people's good will.

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    uhm the bugged on fasion frenzy, it eat you're rps and you won't get any ticket. like soda machine LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjasat View Post
    I got that bug too, and sent ticket but did not get any information from gm
    got the same issue, i hope they will have response to our problem atleast

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    Why are some players encountered this problem in Fashion Frenzy. My friends in the game bought costumes and they have no problem. Why is that? XD

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    ohh mine got fixed.. thank you GM Atzigan!

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