Greetings Rohanians!
The following has been conducting during maintenance on 12/02:

  • Special Services Processed
  • EM Transactions Refreshed (12/02/2014 12:00AM Pacific Time)
  • Back End Preparation of Trinity Update
  • Routine Server Maintenance Conducted

Content Update:
  • Permanent Costumes - Implemented
  • Costume Patterns - Available in the Item Mall
  • Costume UI Updates - Implemented
  • Fashion Frenzy Game Parlor - Soon to be Released
  • Ann Winter (Wardrobe Manager NPC) - Implemented

[Information of the Fashion Frenzy and how to obtain permanent costumes will be announced soon]


Jin User Compensation Reward Item Boosting
We are currently gathering all data concerning the Jin User Compensation Rewards, We will finalize all Item Boostings on 12/03 as notified.
Jin user compensation boost raffle is also in progress.

Black Friday Shopping Spree Raffle - Rewards will soon be loaded
Black Friday Mall Buster Raffle - Rewards will soon be loaded