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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadwin83 View Post
    I wonder if they came in to work today and saw all the forum QQ over their recent plans and were like *FACEPALM*

    Either that or they just laughed, because they hate the players here anyhow.
    If Korea's CEO orders, then USA has to execute. That's why it was a hit and run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinko View Post
    Atzigan/Sineida give me a good reason for why RAN/JIN players should buy new weapons, if staff / GM / CEO lie and always do the opposite of what the players want, now yours guys want force players to purchase new weapons for keep salaries people who do not do their job well. Why should we spend money on a game dead where the playerbase will disappear with this new upg sale.

    1.- Usaid the new upg would be weaker. Lie
    2.- That Jin will be a server without epic/upg. Lie
    3.- Now compensate JIN players with 35% boost weapon but what about RAN players without epic/upg not have the same right ?. anyway Its Useless.
    4.- Why no sell old upg parts and remove edited weapons from ph? or they most important that Jin/Ran player with more years in rohan? why not make a new server just for them?
    5.- Why spend a cent in new weapon if soon this game can got shutdown or yours guys coming with upg 3.0
    6.- What about epic/upg user now their weapon useless, no compensation?
    I agree with you. No compensation for RAN is a rediculous strategy of PWI. We wont play RAN and JIN anymore. I will sold all items.

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    Well if that would be the case on that compensation thinggy, well that would be horrible for Ran players. But lets still hope for the best even there are error on their part. But still lets shout out for COMPENSATIOn hoho!

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