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    Quote Originally Posted by JayHernandez View Post
    Well if you play MMORPG, don't wish for 'fight equally' because there will always be a rich kid in town who would spend hundred or even thousands of dollars just to make his or her character strong. WOULD THAT GIVE YOU YOUR 'FIGHT EQUALLY' wish? Play Super Mario or Street Fighter instead
    Go play pserver no one cares you guys migrated here anyways. Hackers lol.
    Hack moar crones plz.
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    what happen my item have lost in treaseury my +15 2pcs craftman green mano ring and glacialzhen+7 mey ebed

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    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBandit View Post
    Do you understand what xbLeyd was responding to?
    There is not a chance that PlayWithi can (or would) move your virtual goods from the PH game for the following reasons.
    1. They do not own and cannot access Rohan PH servers. To PlayWith Interactive, the Rohan PH was nothing more than a legal private server.
    2. Moving your OP stuff from Rohan PH would totally unbalance these servers and destroy playing for the people already here.
    3. In order to move virtual goods from one server to the next, both servers must match 100%. iRohan and Rohan PH have diverged a LOT since and do not match in the least. and with (1) there is not a hope in hell of that ever happening.
    4. PlayWith Interactive does not care in the least how much money you spent on Rohan PH any more than they care how much money players have spent here. They want you spend money here. Period. Moving your stuff here (even if it were possible -- it is not) would not entice you to spend the money re-building your characters here.
    5. With the invitation you received, you were not promised anything more than the players that have been here for more than 6 years enjoy. This is not Rohan PH it is R.O.H.A.N. : Blood Feud also known as iRohan. Completely different server. Completely different owners.

    So xbLeyd is perfectly right in saying "Not a chance". It is not trolling - it is a fact.

    I do agree with you that if PlayWith Interactive wants the PH players, they will need to remove their IP blocks. Those blocks were put in place to force PH players to play closer to home at the request of the Rohan PH operators so they would have a chance to become established and grow. It is no longer needed and should be removed -- if they remember how.
    Plus 1 for this

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    but y lost items in treaseury...?????????????

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    not all.. may items its hrd to get them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshine View Post
    Brb crones inflation
    Brb game economy fcuked

    Too much negativity with this. Im not trying to contradict what you feel but if you cant cope with the changes, why share your sadness over these changes?

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