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    Maintenance Notes 10/07

    Greetings Rohanians!
    The following has been conducted during the maintenance of 10/07:

    • Special Services Processed
    • EM Transactions Refreshed (10/07/2014 12:00AM Pacific Time)
    • Routine Server Maintenance Conducted

    In-Game Changes:
    • Survival Arena Time Change 1:00PM PDT
    • Halloween Temptation Event Activated [Monsters now drop Halloween themed items, Willy the Kid arrived in Rohan]
    • Newbie Package Added [New Accounts will receive this Newbie Package for a limited time]
    • Halloween Random Box Implemented [Currently not available]
    • Newbie Package Event Started
    • Dormant Package Added [Users who did not log in for 2 months or more received a Dormant Package]
    • Dormant Package Event Started
    • Event Server Character Reset [Characters were deleted in preparation of new Event server equipment & events]
    • Event Server New Equipment [New characters will obtain the Class talismans and new equipment]

    Isen Server Specific Changes:
    • Rank Removal - [Forging Equipment will now drop from monsters in all it's glory]
    • Improved Reinforcement - [Rates have been improved slightly]

    • Rohanopoly Web Event! [More information about it's unique event will be revealed soon]
    Players will have to play Rohan in order to obtain coins, no purchase necessary to play Rohanopoly.
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