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    Isen Server Reinforcement Event! 09/24

    Greetings Rohanians!
    Remember! The Isen Server Reinforcement Event is running every Wednesday! This Reinforcement Event will boost your chances when attempting to reinforce a crafted item!

    Time of Reinforcement Boosts:

    • 10:00AM PDT - 12:00PM PDT
    • 5:00PM PDT - 7:00PM PDT

    During the event the chances to get a Grade A and Grade B Equipment Reinforcement Abradant increases drastically! So the chances to get one are very high!

    Best of luck everyone! And we hope you satisfy your reinforcement needs!

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    Sir gud day i just want 2 ask why is my fishing event prize didnt put on my IM inventory its almost 3 weeks the gm said it will be put after 24hours pls responce
    IGN : RapDIMAGIBA tnx more powers

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    no rohanpoly dung yes 5 h yes askena yes rrohanpoly NO NONO ZLODZEJE KORWY

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    how to get the 1st item in check

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