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    Sneak Peak Content Update 09/23/2014

    Greetings Rohanians!
    We have decided to give you a heads up on what's to come in tomorrow's maintenance of 09/22! There's several exciting things happening this maintenance!

    Date of Maintenance: 09/23/2014
    Time of Maintenance: 3:00PM PDT - 9:00PM PDT

    Content to Arrive:

    Survival Arena
    Fight your friends and foes in this Free For All Survival Arena of up to 200 players! Pay the crones fee, enter and win incredible rewards!

    Fortune Treasure Pocket (Ran & Jin)
    The Fortune Treasure Pocket Season 4 arrives tomorrow as part of our content update! A month full of goodies! For 49RPs you can snatch that new Fortune Treasure Pocket! Collect the silver coins it contains and obtain great rewards!

    Chimera Accessories Update [Isen]
    The long awaited Chimera Accessories will arrive with this patch, all those who previously had it will receive the new Chimera Accessories! All those who refunded it, will have to buy them once again.

    Elemental Dungeon Elements Boost!
    The Elements in the Elemental Dungeon will receive a crazy boost for you to breeze through the dungeon! Get ready for this crazy boost that will improve your survival chances in the Elemental Dungeon!

    Gratt Underground Treasure Warehouse!
    Not in this maintenance but coming Soon!!!...New....armor...???
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