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    Quote Originally Posted by bacnab View Post
    yeah....rates are like worse than without the event -_-.
    Quote Originally Posted by Atzigan View Post
    Hey guys it is reinforcement boosts. I will check the logs and see what the results were I will further improve the rates for the afternoon and following reinforcement events based on what I find.
    Quote Originally Posted by oculusrift View Post
    hmmmm. failed
    lol dont you get it ... they are fooling around and making you buy items from IM in the name of fake reinforcing event ..(classic ynk trick)... fyi 10/10 attempts failed so just curious ... gm did change the success rate from -100% to -105% .. thats only probable cause i guess. BTW its been months since server have started and only few dam lucky fellows have +6 . idk making +12 weapon is next to winning a real super loto in real life ROFL

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    big fail on refine . im try refine status on beron boots ... fail 107 time , lose 30kk crone , no time success .
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    Dude its a mistake it was never refining event im talking about reinforcing event btw thats exact same result I got +ing my sword lol
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    i try for around 2,6k rp around 7 attemp to+6 my weapon, mostly all fail (was+6 when i start finish+6 cause on 7 attemp 1 succes all other fail)

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    I tried 2 time and got my chimera +5 without use deluxe

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    Quote Originally Posted by malemoiehjd View Post
    I tried 2 time and got my chimera +5 without use deluxe
    wat a joke

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    haha what a joke lol
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