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    Isen Server Reinforcement Event! 09/16/2014

    Greetings Rohanians!
    Are you ready for the Refinement event of tomorrow? We sure are!
    We have already set the Reinforcement Rate boosts for tomorrow which will provide you with a good Reinforcement boost improvement!!

    Time of Refinement Boosts:

    • 10:00AM PDT - 12:00PM PDT
    • 5:00PM PDT - 7:00PM PDT

    Additionally the Grade A and Grade B Equipment Reinforcement Abradants obtainment rate in the Big5 will improve! So during the Refinement event the chances to obtain these items will drastically improve!

    Best of luck to everyone! We hope your luck is drastically increased in this event!
    Last edited by Atzigan; 09-17-2014 at 01:37 PM.

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    hey GM Atzigan, the event start today right?

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    No refine event yet. It took me 40 attempts to refine Boots of Destruction from level 27 to 30 (30 is their default level).

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    Its reinforcement (+ weapons/armor/rings) not refinement (dlvl/dstatus), I dont know why Atzigan calls it Refinement it just confuses everyone. The has been no announcement in game though so it's probably not on yet.

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    this event is failed 30 times I tried all failed

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    yeah....rates are like worse than without the event -_-.

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    Hey guys it is reinforcement boosts. I will check the logs and see what the results were I will further improve the rates for the afternoon and following reinforcement events based on what I find.

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    lol atzigan how may times I tried but all failed wasting only money for this event

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    So, rates are in my case and the case of a few friends worse than last event, I know that this doesnt speak for the whole server, but if you try 10 times for a +5 and fail all of them there is something wrong with this event and if 4-5 people try and they also fail everything well....

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    hmmmm. failed
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