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    Maintenance Notes 08/26/2014

    Greetings Rohanians,
    The following has been conducted during maintenance on 08/26/2014:

    • Paid Name Changes Processed
    • EM Transactions refreshed (08/26/2014 12:00 AM Pacific Time)
    • Routine Server Maintenance Conducted

    Game Parlor:
    The Jackpot has been activated for Ran/Jin & Isen!

    In-Game Changes:
    • Spirit Stone Option Changes [All Servers]
    • Weapon Option & UI Changes [Isen]
    • Walter’s Medal Over +4 Recipe Removal [Isen]
    • Chimera Deco Option Change
    • Chimera Accessory Item Deletion[Temporary] [Isen]

    Spirit Stone Changes: [All Server]
    This change affects all servers. Players can no longer obtain "All Attack Stones".
    The stone has been divided to Melee Attack, Ranged Attack and Magical Attack.
    Players who previously had "All Attack Stones" will see Tokens in their Event Inventory that can be used to redeem the new Option Stones.
    Players who have all attack stones activated will remain active until they expire in their weapons.

    (Detailed information will be revealed soon)

    Weapon Option Changes: [Isen Server]
    We have made several changes that can be seen on the Chimera, Tali's and Opaniel's weapons. The stats on such items have been changed. The Opaniel's weapons have received a graphical update.

    (Detailed information will be announced soon)

    Chimera Decoration Option Changes: [Isen Server]
    We have made some option changes on the Decoration Items! Now you will be able to find Melee Attack, Ranged Attack and Magical Attack Decoration packages.

    "Users who previously had the Decoration items have been reimbursed a total of 130,000,000 crones for them to purchase Decoration items once again"

    (Detailed information will be announced soon)

    Chimera Accessories Removal: [Isen Server]
    Due to several changes being made on the Chimera Accessories, they have been removed from the game completely. The NPC and Power Badge Mall will no longer sell Accessory Packages.

    With this big change, we had to remove the items from every user who obtained it. However they will see the following items on their inventory:

    Half Elves = Spirit of Greed (30 Days) x4
    Human, Dekan, Dhan, Giants = Spirit of Sloth (30 Days) x4
    Dark Elves & Elves = Spirit of Wrath (30 Days) x4

    All users who previously had the old accessories will also receive the new accessories once the update of these items has been completed.

    Walter's Medal Changes: [Isen Server]
    The Walter's Medal can no longer be obtained past +4 in the Isen Server.
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