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    Friendly Reminder about RMT Rules

    Players of Shiltz,

    The GM team would like to remind everyone about "Real Money Trading" or "RMT"

    (RMT) is the sale of in-game items, currency, characters or other data in order to obtain real money.
    RMT activity is strictly prohibited and any players caught participating in RMT-related activities will be punished.

    RMT and related activities such as botting and spamming are breaches of the Term of Service.
    These rules help protect the entire Playwith Interactive community from abuse by providing a set of guidelines for fair play that allow all players to enjoy the game.
    RMT activities negatively impact the fun of many players.

    For example, Real-Money Trading users/companies constantly spam players.
    Chat spamming can be irritating to many players who wish to use the chat channels to legitimately buy or sell items, look for a group or a friend, or get advice on some aspect of the game.
    These messages clutter the chat screen, upsetting players because their own messages get lost in the clutter or scroll off the screen too quickly due to all that computer-generated spam.

    Real-money trading also upsets the game's economy.
    Many players spend countless hours of game time earning gold so they can purchase gear, weapon upgrades, improvements to their characters.
    However, regular players cannot compete with the huge bot networks run on hundreds of computers that Real-Money Trading companies use to constantly farm the game.
    These bot farms can make it nearly impossible for casual and hard-core players alike to reap the benefits of the time they spend in the game.
    Players may find that the value of their hard-earned items has dropped due to a glut of bot-collected items, or they may find that the cost of their upgrades skyrocket due to all that purchased gold flooding the market.

    There is also a gray side to Real-Money Trading that players may not realize exists, but which has a serious impact on many players.
    Real-money trading companies hack into and steal legitimate accounts, often by distributing keystroke-logging malware to steal passwords.
    In fact, simply purchasing gold from these companies may open you up to a later hacking attempt.
    These hacked accounts are then stripped clean of any valuable in-game items and/or used for botting.

    We are concerned that this kind of illegal activity happens more and more often in the games we all love to play.
    Ask any player who has had an account hacked (or fallen prey to a fraudulent scheme in the game) how he or she feels about it, and you will surely begin to understand how this growing problem affects the game.

    Remember, users who solicit RMT services within Playwith Interactive or Seal Online will be immediately suspended and reviewed by the GMs for permanent account termination.

    Play fair and always stay safe.

    -Seal Online Team
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