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Thread: Server Merge!!!

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    Smile Server Merge!!!

    YNK Merge the ran and jin server plox!!! so we can have fun forum again

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    i totally agree with u there is no ppl left in those 2 servers so just merge them and have some fun.

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    Trols just shut up

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    lmfao people stupidity op, first of all isen has like 1 month or a bit more before nubs realise that server is the same ****, and going back to ran qqing and using their previous gear believe me or not atm foking lv 90 templar not even geared hitting 10k -mobs hitting that hard 1 week after release just make the conclusions, yea nerf of spirit stones comes and so what ? chimera/talis wont be that op but still will be like ran UPGs - in attack i mean not DD or hp so might be a bit empty but once nubs start dying they will give up as always :P

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