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    The Best Guild Challenge!

    Greetings Rohanians!
    The Best Guild Challenge is upon us! Do you have what it takes you build an awesome guild that will be ready for when we activate the Township Battlefield and The Clashing Valley?? This is your chance! To gain rewards for being the Guild Master and a Guild Member!

    1st Goal: Recruit more than 30 members higher than level 50!

    Event Period: 07/29 - 08/05 (1 Week)
    Date of Prize Loading: 08/12

    Guild Master will obtain:
    • x600 Holy Wine
    • Physical Blow Scroll x300
    • Guild Skill Stones x2,000

    Guild Members in the Guild Level 50 or more:
    • Each level 50 member will receive 10,000,000 crones

    All Guilds that meet these requirements will receive the rewards

    2nd Goal: Recruit more than 30 members of level 70 or more!

    Event Period: 08/05 - 08/19 (2 Weeks)
    Date of Prize Loading: 08/20

    Guild Master will obtain:
    • x2000 Guild Stones
    • Ghost Mount (Permanent)

    Guild Members level 70+ will obtain:
    • Each level 70 member will obtain 10,000,000 Crone Pouch x3

    All Guilds that meet these requirements will receive the rewards.

    3rd Goal: The 1st Level 115 Player!

    Event Period: 09/09
    Date of Prize Loading: 09/09

    Guild Master will obtain:
    • Enhancement Abradant x10

    Guild Member Level 115: (The First player Level 115 that is on a guild) will obtain:
    • +6 Reinforcement Ticket
    • +6 Sealed Talisman (+100 to a Stat of your choice)
    • x50 Power Badges

    The 3rd Goal reward is applicable for ONLY one guild. We will investigate who is the first player that reached level 115 and is on a guild. If that user is not on a guild, another user level 115 that is on a guild will be rewarded.

    Additional Rewards:
    All Level 115 players who are in a Guild by the end of the last event will receive:
    • x50 Power Badges

    Best of Luck Rohanians!
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