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    About incoming talismans

    i have a question why for some classes talismans must be pricesly not chooseable i mean there are agi preds for example why they cannot choose the avengers tali, also why not being able to choose for dekans also talking for my self why DK-s cannot use DS talisman , i can see the problem with templars and priests talis diference templars would get alot of boosts but why other classes are not able to choose which talisman to use

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    Stats are different because every class are suposed to have unique playstyles. The kind of stats and amount varies regarding the skills that the class have at its disposal. For example, avengers have already a really high dmg output from PP and DPP so giving them even more str would rather make a disaster instead the balance they are trying to bring.

    In other words, they are trying to balance the weak classes adding some stats they need to have a stand in PVP-PVE in the end game.

    The point is to make weak build stronger so they have a chance vs the popular/strong ones. not to make a bigger gap between them

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    well i asked for preds, and fishes mostly fishes cuz its not a big deal there

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    If they remain in their most recently reported state, I would not mind a race being able to choose which talisman they want, except for 2 classes: Templars and Avengers.

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    my concer is just for DKs and Preds so if GM's Devs really make it able to choose would be great i doubt that will happen, no fense but people would like to remain it the way it is instead changing it however im still counting on fair solution

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