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    Congratulatory Quest Changes

    Greetings Isen players. With the launch of the new server the Congratulatory quests have changed to reflect the new server. To get these rewards you will have to go to your home bindstone, when you reach level 55 you will have to head to Agnes in Limestone Foothill for the remaining Congratulatory Quest rewards.

    Level 5
    All Stat's Talisman(7 Days)
    30 Slot bag
    Glasses of Wrath(1 Day)

    Level 10
    Novice Adventurer's Earrings
    Novice Adventurer's Rings
    Spirit Stone II Pouch

    Level 15
    Egyptian Costume Armor (1 Day)
    Egyptian Earrings (1 Day)

    Level 20
    Beginner Mount (15 Days)
    Golden Monkey (10 Days)

    Level 25 Choose one
    Swift Penn's Earrings
    Agile Veraza's Earrings
    Opulent Rosaline's Earrings

    Level 30 Choose two
    Two Class specific weapons
    Spirit Stone II Pouch

    Level 35
    Hunter Kit (1 Day)

    Level 40
    Hero's Weapon Spirit Stone Pouch
    Hero's Armor Spirit Stone Pouch

    Level 45
    Vampire Hunter Costume Head (1 Day)
    Vampire Hunter Costume Armor (1 Day)
    Vampire Hunter Earrings (1 Day)

    Level 50
    Initialize Skill Stone (100%)
    Hunter Kit (1 Day)
    Spirit Stone Box (1 Random)

    Level 55
    Sealed Growth Seal (3 Day) (200%)
    Growth Seal (3 HR)

    Level 60
    Improved Warrior's Ring (7 Days)

    LEvel 65
    Skill Enhancement Stone(100%)
    Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone(100%)
    Hunter Kit (1 Day)

    Level 70
    Sealed Growth Seal (3 Day) (100%)
    Harmony Seal (3 Day)
    Tightly Sealed 30 Slot Bag

    Level 75
    Sealed Hunter Kit (168 Hours)
    Armed Lion Kruger (M)
    King Lion (15 Day)
    Valiant Warrior's Ring (15 Day)

    Level 80
    Mystery Pioneer's Glasses (30 Days)
    Mystery Pioneer's Earrings (30 Days)
    Mystery Pioneer's Hat (30 Days)
    Mystery Pioneer's Costume (30 Days)

    Level 85
    Golden Monkey (10 Days)

    Level 90
    Gold Trophy (All Status +10) (7 Day)

    Level 95 Choose One
    Holy Earpiece of Strength (3 Day)
    Holy Earpiece of Dexterity (3 Day)
    Holy Earpiece of INT (3 Day)
    Holy Earpiece of Psyche (3 Day)
    Holy Earpiece of Vitality (3 Day)

    Level 100 Choose One
    Panadium Ring of Strength(3 Day)
    Panadium Wraps of Vitality (3 Day)
    Panadium Necklace of Intelligence (3 Day)
    Panadium Ring of Dexterity (3 Day)
    Panadium Wraps of Psyche(3 Day)
    Panadium Necklace of Agility(3 Day)

    Level 105
    Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone

    Level 110 Choose One
    Cronium Ring of Strength (3 Day)
    Cronium Cuffs of Vitality (3 Day)
    Cronium Necklace of Intelligence (3 Day)
    Cronium Ring of Dexterity (3 Day)
    Cronium Wristguards of Psyche (3 Day)
    Cronium Necklace of Agility (3 Day)

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    55 counts in even when we use that pouch that boosts us from 50 to 60?

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    Yes the you will still gain the rewards for reaching level 55.

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    lvl 95, 100 and 105 are the worst gift for a high lvl if that's the same stats from Jin and Ran. Getting to high lvl should have better reward because it's harder to lvl up when your already high lvl.

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    agreed also that gold trophy sucks 10 all cmon xd, not mention 105 lvl ases which is 100% for fishes only , 115lv gift missing also

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    fix giant lv20 reward. we get bags >.<

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    this whole system needs more Hunter kits for a server like this so people can make cronoe and make weapons and stuff like that. and fix giants too i sreiously dont get how Playwith games puts the ISEN item mall like the Regular Item mall hows that new features just putting Scrolls for crone thas not even close to what this game should be at these rewards just a SMALL change they should of done more well this was a waste peace

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    has the EXP pouch for lvl 50 been removed or relocated?

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    since lvl 55 i havent getting the quests at limestone any more is this a glitch or something because i really wnat the gifts

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsean010 View Post
    since lvl 55 i havent getting the quests at limestone any more is this a glitch or something because i really wnat the gifts
    That's weird, this never happened to any of my characters. Have you recently come back? Is this an old character or new one? This only happens when you've already taken the quest.

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