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    Well it looks nice for now...

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    And I hope it could still stay nice LOL. I return to Rohan because of Isen server
    The thing I hate the most is to trample on other people's good will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrinceOfDaSouth View Post
    Already got kicked from a guild for random PK ;-) and just scored an indulgence scroll, can you see where I am going with this?

    Back to topic: rates suck, population looks good for now, monkey is bugged alot, crones too easy to get if there is only going to be 3 major things to buy with them. Gonna have to add more in game items to keep people interested. But anyway you cant put a broken motor in a brand new BMW and expect to drive it across country just because it has new tires, you guys slap a "new" sticker on this like it has actually changed, you and everyone else know the real problems with this game. I am not gonna repeat them because we have been doing that for years and nothing changed

    BMW will work anyway <3
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    Hi, i totaly did not read all the 72 pages of comments but, im in the Isen server about to get lvl 45 and looking for a guild that speaks english -_-. you know one? add me, @Alleks.

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    Any plans to update the old Guild Master Buffs..........updates them so they effect the characters more since they've been outdates for years. All the upgrades, new skills, and other OP gear or skills have made them obsolete. Update them and you'll see folks use them like the old days. That equals more fun on players end and money on the company end.

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    Because ppl work en dont have time to play Events to earn points, its inpossible to put stones on your weapon those days.. just a few ppl selling those stones but the ask to much monny for it.. so i was wondering why is there not a ingame shop to buy those stones? Like 5 or 8m... i dont wanna pay rps for it.. because i have to make a few skills +7 and put some bonus in my outfit... it just cost to much and i dont have time to play thoses events.. so wat can i do??? Make a npc ingame that sells those stones and not only those events...

    Ty in advance

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    Can u guys put some Lucky Stone (bost drop talisman) to IM or Run agein Achievement System with this item. Cuz we all know Rates on this server are terrible low. And Forging even is crap to last event example ( i got runing guild buffs to forging) 10 x fail on rare in row.

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    No warning notice using triple scroll in ash dungeon specially is not really fair
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