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    Quote Originally Posted by LPdamn View Post
    Please fix the drop rate, it's imposible to get armors and weapons....we need thos weapons and armors to lvl up in other maps and also to sell those things and get crones T_T Please fix the drop rate!
    We're closely monitoring this subject, any changes will be reflected in one of our maintenance days once we finalize our research.

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    Can you explain to us what the maximum glacial weapon stats can be? (for a stat and for a %ile increase). I am rather curious now and would rather not learn about all my favorite classes being killed off for the templar.

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    Rank 6 weapons is like 8x weapons, or glacial weapons with 40% stats?

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    pretty much so, and yeah, guess what - temps with 35*2melee/magic will still kill yo all just because temps still getting killed from time to time by average races
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    From what i play and see on this server the main problem on lower levels its the crone drop and weapon armors and the most important accesorys, back in my day if i can say soo in 2009 i remember that the single things that we was farming was accesoris .
    Here its my suggestion try to raise the crone drom i mean 60-100 crone 3x mobs and raise accesori drop

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    oh come on ynk, do something about the drop rate here. im using lucky stone boost in drop rate + 100% and still close to jack **** is dropping.

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    Eventually - if drop rates stay as low, increase the chance on good stats per said dropped item.

    I don't plan on farming until lvl 80 just to get my pluions >:]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atzigan View Post
    Clarification here: Players have been gathering not 45k or 55k, there was a player that gathered 5 million just by doing this. others created guilds or starting buying pets from the merchants and sold them in the EM. Of course the crone numbers aren't serious right now because we were able to monitor the crone in every character and verify how they obtained it. Once the maintenance is over that exploit will be fixed.

    Edit: Players even tried sealing the pets and deleting the characters thinking it wouldn't leave a trace, but...it does
    xd thats foolish tho thinking it wouldnt leave a trace LOGS op but there must be some1 who to check themsometimes and obviously this is a time when u guys do

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    Yes I can see where your coming from, at lvl 49 I replaced my leather gauntlets with red dragon gauntlets. many on this server are naked and relying on the costumes to uplvl

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    I thought I read somewhere in these forums that at lvl50 we get an experience pouch. Damned if I can find that post now, anyone know name of npc who gives this out?

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