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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoIas View Post
    I know I won't be staying if they don't put 20% ingame and 30% on Item Mall (NOT GAME PARLORS). Also I'm not sure it's the wrath A-D reinforce-able? If it is then LOL I'm quitting right now.
    Nobody cares if you're quitting. Damn I'm tired seeing you cry every single on one of these threads. Can you shut up once please?
    Life is a beach.

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    can we put 2 x 8 hour hks into recycle to make them 15 or 30 days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoIas View Post
    This has nothing to do with this but I want an answer, I don't PM Atzigan because we don't talk in PMs anymore, not worth it.

    Regarding your signature...**sigh**...all I can say is be involved in any future malicious incidents and we will make sure you get the full weight of your actions/involvement.

    Read more: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#ixzz38HRqoch2

    What's wrong with my signature? It's wrong that I will inform people of everything if I get asked, about how Rohan is/was and how is the company dealing with Rohan? Is that worth a ban or something? Lol.


    Back to the topic, I really hope future changes will be made, there are a lot of them.
    I hope you get what the message meant. It's better for new players to explore the game without any bias from random people regardless they have played this game for a long time or not. It's like... Should I make a signature too warning that gm's and others should not listen to you especially when you try to act like you want to make this game any "better" after your guild and especially you have duped and actually ruined this game?

    @Atzigan: I know this is off topic but you should also remove Nico's non-relatable posts especially this post I'm responding to is not about the Isen server. I could careless if you'll delete my post as well, but sometimes people just get so annoying. Thank you.
    Life is a beach.

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    Hei Atzigan, Why cant we play Isen Big5 with Ecash? We can only buy Coins by RPS. Please change it into Ecash so everyone can play for fun.

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    please respond about hks. can we put 2 x 8 hour hks into recycle to make 15 0r 30 day hks?

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    What about level 6 stones? Are you planning to add them to IM?

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    Yeah be careful here guys, there are 2 harmony scrolls 100% for 2 different prices:

    Harmony Seal (3Hr) 100% 149 E-CASH

    Harmony Seal (3Hr) 100% 599 E-CASH

    Not sure if the second one is bugged and it shows like 100% but it's 300%... Take care though.

    Well fck it I ain't playing anymore this is Jin Junior. Good luck for those who will try Isen and bla bla bla. It was fun meeting ya all, I'll have this account blocked soo I can't log anymore. I gave my account infos to a friend making sure he'll change soo I can't join anymore.

    Have fun and luff ya all <3

    P.S: Quitting because I have better things to do not because of haters, I love all my haters <3
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    ~ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. ~

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    I started to download the client again, read forums, cancelled download.

    I am full of disappoint.
    Hai, I'm Krogger

    Hai, I'm a fish.

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    If you guys do want to keep server full - that rates are hilarious(I do like low rates personally but alot of other people finds it impossible to level like that) Also drop/crone rate should be boosted a little too...its kinda ehm u know when u are u trying to farm pluions or any other armor and u get 1 piece per 10 min.

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    Everything is fine about the new server . Akhma is full than anytime ever.

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