Greetings Rohanians!

The following has been conducted during maintenance of 07/22/2014

  • Name Changes Processed

All Servers:
  • Option Limitation Removed
  • New Progressional Rewards! NPCs will now provide you with new rewards when leveling up!
  • New Weapon Package for New characters!

Isen Server: Now Available!

The following features are unique to the Isen server:
  • Unique Isen Server Item Mall, Big5 and Lucky 7!
  • Tali's Set & Opaniel's Set!
  • Township Battle Mediators Unavaiable for the first 4 weeks! (Giving time to players to build their guilds!)
  • Power Arena: Available multiple times a week!
  • Power Badge Mall: Price Adjustments
  • Power Badge Mall: New Items available for purchase in the Additional Material section!
  • Cassandra NPC: Reach level 50 to obtain a special 10 level jump!
  • Avan NPC: Will sell Chimera Weapons
  • Oriana NPC: Will sell Chimera Armor Package, Chimera Accessory Package, Chimera Decoration Package
  • Frenci NPC: Will provide quests to exchange Boss Drops for crones!
  • Trance NPC: Will change your Chimera weapons, Armor and Accessories +12 to new items!
  • Ira NPC: Will sell you Boost scrolls for Crones!

Isen Server Unique Events:
  1. The Best Guild Challenge!
  2. The Isen Adventures (Event will be available on 08/12/2014)
Ran Unique Events:
  • Weekend Experience Boosters! - Enjoy a boost of experience every weekend!

Jin Unique Events:
  • Friday Forging/Reinforcement Boosts! Enjoy 2 hours of improved Forging & Reinforcement every Friday 5:00PM - 7:00PM PDT!