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    cannot start highest level quest (sevis quest)

    Hi, how to start sevis quest (hair pin, catfish dentures, etc.)?
    Because whenever i talk to the highest level quest manager, she only said "you again" then i click "ask" then she said "ask our teacher". Nothing other option can be choose..

    I currently level 202 with Apprentice fame, did not finish other main quest, only finished Trail of 4 Heroes, halfway Bale's Disappearance and half way Elemental Dimension quest.

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    You just have to keep talking to her like mad crazy. Just keep talking to her, and talking until you see the compliment her. *at this point, you will also need to keep talking to her* THEN, she will ask you to go buy her a flower, you can buy it at the western of red soil Gypsy Merchant. If you need help, just whisper Nomnomx in game and I will gladly help you.

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    We really appreciate your time and your support regarding this quest. it will be of much use for us and the players who have trouble with this quest.
    Anyway, everytime you have any issue regarding this quest or a different one.
    Feel free to contact us again!

    Seal Online Team

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