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    gm me to
    my character : moaah(jester)ametur
    pliss gm

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    please use an understandable english .

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    Quote Originally Posted by moaah View Post
    gm me to
    my character : moaah(jester)ametur
    pliss gm
    What happened there?

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    GM, i got the same problem with them. my char got stuck at arena zone can u help me to move my char to lime ???

    my character : Arc20(Knight)Greenhorn
    Please GM help me....
    Thank you, GM

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    Hi send ticket to the GM. They will help you with your concern.

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    For those who are got stuck in some areas of the map.

    Kindly SEND US A TICKET with the following information in order to assist you:

    Account ID:
    Character Name:
    Reason why you got stuck:


    Closing this thread to avoid spam.

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