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    Dual Login in same PC or Laptop??

    Dear GM and all SealOnline Players,

    I wanna ask, is it okay to dual login in same PC or Laptop Seal Online BOD?

    Because I saw in ROHAN forum, it's okay as long as not for cheating,
    and I saw at Bosgadang facebook account, there is link and explaination about how to dual login using sandboxie.

    I'm waiting for yours reply.


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    Uh, do not download any files from that facebook page. That account had been hacked before. So if you download something from that fanpage, it would contain viruses, such as; keylogger, trojan, etc.
    This is the real Bosgadang facebook fanpage, "https://www.facebook.com/BearyBosgadang"
    sadly he no longer play sobd.

    For your question: I remember a long time ago, a GM said that dual login using 1 computer is an illegal action because you are using a third party program.

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    just buy another ****ty used $100 laptop and install seal in it.

    $100 can get you a pretty good used 2008 laptop

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    Owww, okay. Thanks for the info.

    But I still hope that GM approve to use dual login just like Rohan Online

    hehehe ^^

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