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Thread: Combine Glitch

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    Combine Glitch

    I have tried to report that glitch for a really long time now, ofcourse YNK support center just closed my thread months ago saying they will investigate and fix that well what can i say nothing is fix back on the glitch description:
    Now some people might have noticed if your playing dhan idk for other classes if it works exactly the same you cannot crit - for example i have agi dhan 111lv with total crit rate 25% and i cannot crit even once with my elemental attack on (invenom) however i discovered the glitch doesnt end there im using now 3 pieces combine -chest/tasset and boost with 2 pieces i couldnt still crit on combine since im wearning the boost i can now if you can find the logic in that please give me a clue

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    bump will someone take this matter serious .....

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    P.S glitch has nothing to do with the equiped combine you just can and cannot crit on some people with combine.

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    Bump *GMs* anyday now stop avoiding the damn problem and do something its been nearly an year since combine glitch lewl

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