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    And gunner is a must to be fixed for SEAL

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    i would suggest patch for following job
    renegade : renegade debuff is quite low at effect and at its chance
    decrease deff and atk is below 100 and paralize effect chance is low too
    when compare to berserk that have way more more than 100 debuff effect and stun oftenly
    archer : this job need something to make it usefull on pvp or pvp
    gunner : well everyone knows

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    My opinion based on gameplay roles what the game should fix are;

    Swordmasters: good at pvp, decent lvling speed, somehow not really good option for dungeon= nothing to be fixed
    Berserker : moderate at pvp, decent lvling speed, best at dungeon pve = nothing to be fixed

    Defender : best at pvp, hard to lvling due low damage and need to round enemies for aoe attack, decent at dungeon = nothing to be fixed.
    Renegade: moderate at pvp, moderate at lvling, bad option for dungeon = need to be fixed preferabbly at damage or debuff chance.

    Gambler : good all arround class, either pvp, pve or dungeon= definitely need some nerf (or fix black jack luck issue)
    Assassin : good at pvp, moderate lvling speed, worst at dungeon= nothing to be fixed.

    Apostle : good all arround supporting class: nothing to be fixed
    Templar: worst at pvp, decent lvling speed, worst a dungeon = need to be fixed preferabbly on damage, survivability or debuff rate.

    Artisan : good all arround supporting class, however pretty useless in both pve or pvp= need to be fixed on self buff rate
    Demolitionist: jack of all trades; not good on anything but not bad eithe = fix suggestion : improve stun rates.

    Gunner : superb lvling rates, useless damage on pvp, moderate in dungeon= suggestion nothing to be fixed ( probabbly up the damage a bit for pvp)
    Archer : don't really know the class traits: but from what i see: poor damage, poor lvling speed, not really usefull in dungeon = need to be fixed in debuff poweri reckon ? (Anyonr can help me with this).

    Fire wizard : easy leveling, good but not the best for dungeon, can work ok in pvp but hard to land a good skills.
    Ice wizard : easy leveling, bad at dungeon, annoying pvp class due to slow effect.

    According to my opinion on each class above, a direct fix need to be addressed to renegade, templar and archer.
    Gunner on the other hand already have all The luxuries of easy Leveling, si imo they dont need or only need small buff for pvp. The game doesn't neccessary to balance the class in pvp but they need to consider balance between pvp and pve. It will be not fair if tha class that going well in pve, also going well in pvp.
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    Gunner dmg must be returned like in the past

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