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No not to my knowledge on that last part. The Game is in the Local Disk c: drive thing...If thats what you mean?

I re downloaded the game and still the same problem when I try to open it from the desk top. Then I went to the Rohan file and tried to run it from there. I duno what happened, but it started doing the game guard updates and just as it was about finish one of the up dates it came up with an Error message saying = "Failed to complete GameGuard update. Suspend Anti - Virus program temporarily and try the game, or check the setting of PC management programs if any"

Well Anti Virus isn't running and I have no clue what the "PC management programs" are.

How ever, I did open up my task manager and found a few things that I thought didnt look right. They are "csrss.exe" "nvvsvc.exe" "nvxdsync.exe" and "winlogon.exe"

I googled all of these things as I wouldn't have a clue what they are and the first one says its a trojan?, the second one, I cant tell if its some kind of error or a virus thing or what. The 3rd one seems to be nasty as well and the 4th one also confuses me. When I searched it, some sites said it was needed and some say its not, so I duno. Im kinda really worried about this one tho...


Also found this vid but couldnt really make much sense of it, the dude is such a horrid reader that I almost fell asleep :/


I wanna know if these things could be affecting the game? And why does this sh1t keep happening to meeeeeee lol!!

P.s, Will still try to run Rohan from my lap top tomoz and let you guys know how it went.

P.p.s Nothing is showing up in virus scans either :/
csrss.exe isn't a virus, nor anything dangerous. It should be on your pc, and if it isn't, there's probably something wrong. However, this does not mean that it cannot be harmless at all though. This file should be located in your windows\System32 - if it isn't in that specified folder (gone or located somewhere else) then, yes indeed, you have a problem.

nvvsvc.exe isn't a virus and shouldn't be causing problems. It's used by Nvidia and, unless it's eating up your CPU, you should just leave it be.
So should be the nvxdsync.exe

winlogon.exe is the same as the first and should be located in said folder, if it's not - you have problems.
If you want to avoid most malware stuff and not run extensive virusscans and crap, just install malware anti-malwarebytes and run it every now and then with a quick scan, a full scan every month. I use the quick scan every time before i do online banking.
I do not use any other virusscan, no problems so far after all this time. You do have to know what and what not to click upon the nets though.. for those watching pron, find a trustworthy website. Oh and get AdBlock, though if you watch streams like twitch.tv, they won't thank you for that.

CCleaner is useful too.

P.s.: I think she just wants to get you on raidcall, because, obviously if the solution was there it could've been sent by mail.