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    "I was sharing accounts, it's not my fault!"

    Except that it really is your fault.

    In light of recent events, I am making this thread to potentially preemptively reduce the number of tickets flowing into PlayWith's support site regarding account bans.

    Fact of the matter is that if someone who is caught breaking the rules had access to your account, logged into it, and is now currently being investigated or banned on all accounts, your account will face the same measures his account is facing.

    If the original user banned this way is not released, you will not be either. The TOS clearly suggests to players not to share their accounts for this reason. So before you send a ticket to support stating that it is not your fault your account has been suspended, the reality of the matter is that it is; once you share accounts with another user, both users are treated as the same user, and you have just become liable for someone else's misdoings.

    Please take this as an opportunity and a lesson to KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION PRIVATE!

    A message by THH and Playwith Interactive
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