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    Error skill Half Elf Scout "All in One"

    The skill has a error in your damage: it do only the damage of the arrow (in each damage). I have this skill in lvl 1 and he put 7 hit of ~100 damage while my normal hit is ~550 (without elemental skill "Frozen").
    In description have "Damage sum divided in 9 system message"; for me, it's say "(Example) 20 lines does not appear to damage, total damage applied is divided into nine lines of message. However, it will be applied 20 times the normal damage.". It's not happening!
    I put skill in "Ka'el Arrow" and "Ghost Arrow" only to use this skill ("All in One"). I comming to ask one in two options:
    1) Put the damage of each arrow the normal damage; OR
    2) Correct the descriptive text and remove the point of the three skills reported above. ("Ka'el Arrow", "Ghost Arrow" and "All in One")

    Thanks for all and excuse-me my bad english.
    Graciously, Douglas.

    Ps.: I can't use "reset skill" because i have skills in lvl 6!

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    been bugged since day one.

    its potential lies in critting with it.

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    Tommi i fkn hate you you stupid fkn fk fk fk.

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    OK, but i'm a new player in this game and i don't know this. If explain in the text (of the skill) this, i will make a build with certain. It's not my fail...
    All skills provide explain text; from this is wrong!

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    shouldv done some research before investing so much on that class.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFake View Post
    Tommi i fkn hate you you stupid fkn fk fk fk.

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    PM DarkMagicion, he will give you skill tree.

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    I researched (many sites, not just this forum) and this information does not exist in any corner! Just want a position of either repair or return to magic points (because I can not be punished for a mistake of the game).

    I dont wanna the skill tree. I want action!

    "You are just trying to shed ice!" Exist a error, this error was not disclosed and I (a novice in this game) am paying for these problems.

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    Well, there was only 1 skill review as far. Soon when "Prestige" will come they will rise a lvl cap etc., and also after that patch ynk should implement to the game once again skill review. But thet are unsure of it. Moreover if you reported wrong description i doubt they would change it. After first skill review there is still a lot to do because there are older skills which need fix.
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    AIO sucks donkeyballs yee and YNK will never fix it -.-'
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodseeker6 View Post
    AIO sucks donkeyballs yee and YNK will never fix it -.-'
    You suck donkey balls and AIO owns once u crit it. I found myself laughing so hard when i saw an instant crit scroll pop just 2 1 hit some noob

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