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    Quote Originally Posted by kenjiroman View Post
    Hello there my friend, im asian but not indonesian. can you states the reason why your friend and yourself think that the item is duped? So we can identify how to track the duped item. Regarding Abyssymal Eggs and heavens egsg. I myself oped around 30 gold chest boxs with coupon and RP and happened to get 1, thus it should be other lucky ppl out there too. You should confirm what's in the chest with GM cuz i thought the eagle was duped too, but a lot of ppls said it's from the box. So don't get panick man
    dude u need to check https://www.facebook.com/BearyBosgadang?ref=ts&fref=ts
    GM already said there is a lot of dupe items
    and I just saw people flying around and having like 200 attack speed yesterday..
    me and my friends have already uninstalled, have fun, byebye

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    just uninstall it. find yourself another game to keep you busy and dizzy.
    seal is done. its like done done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avedon View Post
    because you guys say / do nothing about copy items...
    heaven eggs are everywhere.....
    most of my friends are going to quit...
    are u guys gonna do something?
    looks like i'll quit too
    cause today, GM banned my id unreasonable
    all my hardwork ingame are useless

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