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    Hi GM,
    I'm newbie player, I couldn't lunch game cause firewall blocking. You can advice what port number to allow or any solution to solve this issue?

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    After maintence, i can't click game start
    im stuck in " While Updating | root0_224.zip "
    it won't to download the newest patch .

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    GM Help !!! I Have Problem wiht GameGuard 361
    Help !!! I Have Problem wiht GameGuard 361
    GM help me
    I already download fullpatch and install Seal..
    and have problem with gameguard error 361..
    I use windows 10 and already off firewall..
    so what can I do to fix this problem ?

    Read more: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#ixzz4rF4Z8FRV

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    Version.ini download failed

    I have an issue with version.ini download failed.

    how to fix this problem?

    actually i have try other connection, but the problem still same,

    also i already try to uninstall and reinstall again but the problem also same

    please anyone give me a recommendation to fix this issue


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