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    Awards Showcase

    Log in, Play and Win!

    With the arrival of our German Client localization we have created a Log In Event in which as the previous one, there will be 3 tiers of prizes to say "Thank You!" to all Rohanians. Your support of R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud is sincerely appreciated.

    Objective: Show the world that the Rohan community is as strong as ever!

    Requirements: Simply login and play, play, play! Play for 1 hour, 3 hours or 5 hours EACH day from 6/12/2013 - 6/25/2013 (Excluding 6/18 Maintenance) and win prizes accordingly (full prize info below).

    How To Win Prizes:
    1.) Login to your account

    2.) Play, play, play! More Playtime = More Prizes.

    3.) Play for 1 hour EACH day and receive...

    Prize Pack 1
    • Bronze Trophy
    • Growth Seal 3 Days
    • Goblin Costume 14 Days

    Prize Pack 2

    4.) Play for 3 hours EACH day and receive...
    • Silver Trophy
    • Growth Seal 7 Days
    • Goblin Costume 30 Days
    • Durahan's Ghost Mount 15 Days

    Prize Pack 3

    5.) Play for 5 hours EACH day and receive...
    • Gold Trophy
    • Vampire Hunter Set
    • Burning Reptile 30 Days
    • Harmony Seal 15 Days
    • Growth Seal 15 Days
    Event Ends on 06/25/2013

    You must log in and play 1 hour EACH day to win prizes. Limit 1 prize pack per account.
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    Well that's not so good event it would be better if this says:

    Login and play 12 hours to receive Prize pack 1
    Login and play 48 hours to receive Prize pack 2
    Login and play 96 hours to receive Prize pack 3

    It's really hard to login when in one day you have no network access and you can't login & play. And when you play everyday 5 hours and you miss one day because of an issue of your computer / network it's just waste and you will not win the prize. That's just suggestion...

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    Same login event before, if you login multiple character in 1 account, it won't be credited. You need to login 1 character only in 1 account to get counted.

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    u gotta love this event

    just make sure when its done to count all the people cuz everytime many people r lefted out

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    Thank you for the event, Atzigan, hope you gonna make more events like that. Much appreciated.
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    Not sure if celebrate midsummer with relatives i havn't seen in over 5 years
    stay at home so i can log in and play O_o

    (no pardons in 2 weeks is a bit harsh) :P
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    Am I right in thinking if I get dc,ed the event timer starts over?
    e.g I play for just over 1 hr get dc,ed so my char gets Pack 1 from event?
    Could someone give me some info on this tyvm
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnomallyBlade View Post
    Am I right in thinking if I get dc,ed the event timer starts over?
    e.g I play for just over 1 hr get dc,ed so my char gets Pack 1 from event?
    Could someone give me some info on this tyvm
    It's total time you log in, every day.

    Ex. If you play 1 hour, dc, then play for 2 more hours, that counts as 3 hours that day.

    Your PvP Honor window keeps track, if you want to view how much you've played.

    Colors <3

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    Before was more good "log in 3 days 3 hours have 1 prize log 5 days in 3 hours second.... etc" last event like that i log on 3 chars diferent acounts evry day and at least had 2 prizzes in first account nothing in another 2, rediculous... only waste of time.
    And not of that topic wtf are these new gms? i saw message "if non participans interrupt the event they will be temporrarily banned..."
    Soo you go with your buddy fight in coliseum and you get baned? Cos it`s wrong time for you?!?!? lolz and that was event lvl 30~39 when have event get 65 lvl for 1 hour... terrible.Guys please keep your eyes in focus if it possible

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    how can i recieve the prize?

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