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    Rohanopoly Raffle Event! 5/10 - 5/13

    Hello Rohanians!

    This weekend we are holding a special Raffle Event tied to Rohanopoly! For every roll, you will earn a chance at some VERY awesome prizes!

    We have added many other items to the game board for you guys to win and the Golden Key is back as a completion bonus! If you're a big fan of Rohanopoly, make sure you get your plays in because Rohanopoly will be removed from the Game Parlor after this event!

    Duration of event: 4:30pm 5/10 - 3pm 5/13 (Server Time)

    Winners will be RANDOMLY selected so the more plays, the higher chance you have to win!
    1 Grand Prize Winner will receive:
    • 20,000 Bonus RPs
    • Depressed Dino Mount (90 Days) (New release!)
    • Ultimate Package
    • Verdict Set (Original Stats, 30 Days) x3

    2 First Prize Winners will receive:
    • 5,000 Bonus RPs
    • Angry Teddy Bear (30 Days) (New release!)
    • Platinum Party Package
    • Verdict Set (Original Stats, 30 Days)

    5 Second Prize Winners will receive:
    • 2,000 Bonus RPs
    • Chariot (15 Days) (New release!)
    • Gold Party Pack
    • Desert Guard Set (15 Days) (New release!)

    10 Third Prize Winners will receive:
    • 1,000 Bonus RPs
    • Chariot (7 Days) (New release!)
    • Growth and Harmony Seal 3Hr (100%) x1 each
    • Mystery Pioneer Set (7 Days) (New release!)

    Make sure you play as much as you can because after this weekend Rohanopoly is going to take a much needed vacation!

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    Congrats to our winners! Prizes have been awarded!

    Grand Prize
    • falcon5999

    First Prize Winners
    • KariPap
    • Skiddi

    Second Prize Winners
    • stanislav666
    • SanatoBrittox
    • wakingthecadaver
    • LudzTwelve
    • carlos987

    Third Prize Winners
    • anahayagan
    • zack31
    • krykorp
    • BlindAssasin
    • anuis1987
    • adasko2483
    • billyb872
    • zeusrsp
    • DarkDeleiter
    • nuria1980
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