I am having an error that prevends me from logging in one simmiliar character, i can't log on my ranger but i can log all other characters... except my ranger somehow. This happened to me after winning event we had to wait patiently for rewards i logged out after 30~60min, and i've tried to log on my character today but i seem getting this Error: Login Failed. Error 5654-6. Please try again. I have re-installed the game replugged my modem cleared cookies turned of my firewall and even put off my anti-virus and still i got this problem.
P.S. YES I can log on my Account i only get this Error when i try to log on my ranger... something that might prevend me log in because of event inventory that crashes the game? Please reply to me as soon as possible guys, my friend had same problem but his got fixed after re-installing the game and i also have re-booted it didn't made a change either... i wasn't running any program and my connection is excellent...

~ Error 5654-6 Prevending me to log on, one specific character located on Tempest server!
~ I had won an event with that character, after that i haven't been able to log on it anymore ;(

Please Help!