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    Crafted Armor Delevel Cost

    Not sure this has been posted before.

    Craftman Leggings I, Sale price: 416
    Cost to Refine L1: 9491
    Cost to Refine L2: 18982

    Craftman Helm I, Sale price: 180
    Cost to Refine L1: 4113
    and so on...


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    Crafted armours are expensive to refine because their stats are far superior to that of any forged armour. You find me some forged 6x pd 6x md 400 hp 5 vit froiane armour and understand why it costs 19k to lvl 2 refine it.

    And those are only with IM stones if u used ingame spirit stones too you could get 10x pd 800 hp and 20 vit if u used 2 pdef stones (1 im 1 evil) 2 hp stones (1 im 1 evil) and 1 evil vit stone.

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    who are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falaris View Post
    who are you?
    someone with more game knowledge than you.
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    Tommi i fkn hate you you stupid fkn fk fk fk.

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