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    Awards Showcase

    Best & Happiest Rohan Moments Event!

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We bring you a small event that contains a mysterious prize that will be revealed by the end of the event! We believe this will...keep you intrigued and only...the best 5 will get the mysterious prize. Yes, the prize is that it? You will not know until the end of the event!

    What you have to do...
    You will have to write a short story no bigger than 1000 words about your Best or Happiest Rohan Moment in Rohan. "Please be creative" and please don't just write Oh I was happy when I got this item or oh I was happy when I reached level 50 - the end". Use your creativity to create a thrilling story such as:

    I once was running down the pastures near Burgundy's Brewery when suddenly...a wild Metal Mock Duck appeared, I was in shock, Metal Mock Ducks aren't supposed to spawn here...but my eyes glittered and my mind said....I want that SES you have in your belly Mock Duck...So I went Man Mode on the Mock Duck and engaged him, triggering all my scrolls and then...he fell...victory was mine! But...I turned into a Sad Panda...he was a Mock Duck Clone...he didn't drop a thing I was deceived! But then...all of a sudden I saw a Skill Enhancement Stone fall on the ground, What trickery is this?! And then GM Atzigan wrote: You're welcome! and I was happy all day long.

    I know it's not the best Story but I'm looking forward to reading what you guys have to share!

    Date of the Event: 3/15/2013 - 3/25/2013
    Winners: 5 of the best Stories will be awarded
    Prize: Mysterious Prize "Trust me it's worth it"
    Rules: No Raging, no more than 1000 words, Have fun, no griefing and be creative!
    Please add your Character Name and Server Name "Posts without this information won't be awarded, your name must be exact as it shows in the game"

    Hope you guys enjoy the event and I hope to see a lot of entries! The prize, I'll make sure it's rare and great, something that will identify you inside the game.

    The clock is ticking! Good Luck!
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    i once was going to r5 with my vit def and molly hoping soloing this stage that was so ez to pass troug all floor i was running and running tanking all the dmg. But when i arrive to r5 i reallize thjat a lot of ppl was standing outside of safe zone, i realize that most of them was esotéric. I see one hight lvl vit dekan trying to show that hes good and get down so ez no one was trespassing that area without dying so funny to see ppl trying and trying to go in but all was dying by this BIG guild that was eso so i sit on my ass and was looking everyone getting kill one after other. SpeedyD32 - Ran-Silva

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    My most memorable moment was when the guild I was a part of a few years back won the Township Battle for the first time. I felt like we really had accomplished something big. It wasn't just about the game, we had a very nice friendly community and we all worked together to win that battle. MatrixReloaded forever <3 I miss those days..

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    Bueno todo empezó una mañana yo estaba en Wild con mi templar cuando de repente un evento apareció un mostró muy enorme yo emocionada estaba feliz porque quería acabar con ese mostos estaba pensado que tendrá en su interior ese mostos dure atacando día noche sonaban los relámpagos yo luchando contra el era muy fuerte muy difícil de vencer asta que vi un resplandor halo lejos era era un pris me dio sus bendiciones y me hizo como renacer y empezó otra vez la lucha contra ese mostró yo solo contra el ami me pareció una batalla interminable asta que dio el ultimo respiro y callo al suelo agonizando de dolor yo lo destruí dije al fin le gane a este rival muy poderoso yo con lagrimas de alegría recogí mi recompensa pero aquí no acaba la historia el mostró de la nada revivió y vino y me ataco con un poder muy imposible me avía dado cuenta que con quien avía luchado era realmente una trampa yo dije este no me vencerá use mis ultimas fuera y le lance todos mis poderes cuando al fin los 2 estábamos agotados yo use mi fe saque una fuerza no se de donde vino pero me sentía curada muy fuerte y empezamos a luchar otra vez días fríos noches heladas luche contra esa criatura era muy fuerte asta que use un poder y casi le ganaba pero se curo y yo le lance un poder para que no se curara al final le lance mi ultimo hechizo y resulte victoriosa con lagrimas en las mejillas llore de alegría y regrese ami pueblo mal herida agotada por la gran batalla mi pueblo me aplaudió porque esa fea criatura tenia mi pueblo envuelto en una oscurida y yo le regrese la gloria y la luz ami pueblo pero no puede soportar mi herida gaste mucha energía y lastimosa mente falleci pero le deje un legado ami pueblo y un recordatorio que no hay q ser un hombre ni un dios para vencer al mal

    Espero que les guste mi cuento

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    This seems a lil strange but i shall give it a try

    Year 2012 on the 9th of nov. it was a day which turned my life upside down, i was walking across the blue river at Einhoren town, When a moment of all sudden i found a strange npc which had the Q sign, i was curios to see what he has for me, when i found out that a reward of a quest is quite remarkable, a prize which will boost me Greatly, a prize which i knew it will be key to me Reaching Greatness, i took the quest and started my journey to finish it, it was not just a simple quest to me it was life or death misson which i had to accomplish , on my way to find the right rituls for the quest i found myself ambushed by a mysterioes mob, it seemed a bit strange because it was the 1st time i see it,the name was purple and it was glowing it was a mini boss.

    Normally i would run because i know i cant handle it by my own but at that very moment i could not , i realized that in order to finish the quest i have to get that boss drop.
    Fearless,mindless without any hopes of winning i took out my blade and charged towards that boss,and as i feared i was losing i was no match for it but i had to win, losing was not an option because the quest must be done in solo, i standed up drunk some potions,took out my brave Dragon,Prepared my teardrops and started the 2nd round , and after a bloody battle and days of suffering it finally happened the boss went down and dropped the item, i picked it up and went back to the npc to Claim my prize,and from that day i was Respected ,Feared & finally clamied the throne of the greatest of all times.

    and thats why it was the best day of my life

    Char name: megamody/Male

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    Well maybe the greatest moments happens in rohan were with was my best friend, we started playing rohan and us together knowing we spent in pt rohan and lvl and every thing that we learned of rohan and almost always were together until lvl 1-55 and lvl 70-89 ....

    Name: XDKCX
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    In all those years since started playing rohan there was many up's and down's..many love and hate moments. But there was one particular moment which made me feel very happy.
    In the very early days of rohan, at the same time in the very first days of my mmo life, i had very poor pc and had to play mostly alone, thus havent met many ppl and my gaming experience was very limited, but yet managed to find some friendly people to play with and have fun with.
    Anyway, there was some circumstances which made me leave rohan for few years..and after those few years..just decided to come back and see how things stands here for that moment. Everything was very different..110 lvl cap, divinity server..Decided to give a shot for a new server. Already had better pc thus was able to join parties and play in crowded areas. Which led me to that particular moment .
    One of regular grinding / leveling, accepted invitation to random pt to grind at cala grind spot. And after few hours of playing with party, we found out that me and one of players in party, played together in those first days of my rohan "career". And that person helped me to reach 110 for first time, helped to join some top tier guild and enjoy rohan at its best. And im in contact with that particular person since now
    So in short, accidently i met a friend after 2 years, and we're keep on playing together since now, for the last 2-3years cant remember for how long in exact numbers
    Thats my Story

    Server: Jin
    Name: Kaity

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    Allowing me to play and have fun again is the greatest moment in my entire rohan life.... Thank you and more powers YNK.. Love lots..

    Character name: FeelingPogi
    Server: RAN

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    the greatest moment of my Rohan career was finally achieving the Max level. on syrephis I strayed my nub Dhan and restarted over and over until I discovered that str was the way to go, about a year later I was faced with a challenging question " avenger or predator? " I chose the less traveled path and became a predator...flash forward another year and I'm lvl 76. Bam epics. I'm a student so not the kinda money u.u I can't compete...Jim released "second chance!" step one: become established...make a mage then came the boost event " perfect opportunity to start him on this server. then grind grind grind...fall in love...grind some more. and bam. Loci had finally hit lvl 110 and all thanks to Shihai

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    I once was lvling at r3, and for a moment all the mobs have been glitched and weren't attacking me for some reason. And that was the first time in rohan history that mobs get glitched. I was surprized and in the same time I was happy. 'Omgah if so, then I can go and kill beze with a lvl 80 templar" To find out when I reached the room that he isn't glitched. But then I said to myself , " don't get mad, don't get sad, be glad, be proud, SAY THAT LOUD FOR THE FOR THE PRIDE ST CLOUD, AND EVEN ME 1 DAY".... that's all I had I didn't feel that moment to get ready anything else. But yeh I laughed tears after that day

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