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    Help with Agi Dhan build

    Okay. I no longer see Magix's guide to an Agi build which is the only source that I can get much detail and info., and I'm having trouble now bcoz I'm almost on the path of having a 2nd job. I don't know what set of armors, weapons, and accessories should I be having right now. And the skills that I should be getting. So, calling all pro agi build there to kindly help a newbie. Really need help.

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    No one seems to want to answer your question.. so... quoting Leo's guide much D:

    Well I've never exactly played one past 8x, so.. Here's what Leo says about them, before you try to lvl it up and see that it isn't very effective:
    Quote Originally Posted by kingz View Post
    Unfortunately, agi dhans would only be decent at 1v1 pvp, pk, stuff like that on Jin and even then, they are completely outdmged by their str counterparts (even if the agi dhan is better geared). The only time I would support someone using a full agi dhan is with Earth Twins, hp/agi dd weapon, and two AGI/DEX/VIT Eudromes +6. That would still be able to crit 8-10k regs buffed and scrolled, while being tanky enough for support roles (pouching, silencing, sealing, etc).
    However, if you insist on making a pure agi / not tank dhan for fun and not pvp, for rings, go with Artisan ADV +'d (if you're asking this, I'm assuming you can't really get Eudromes and stuff). For weapons, you can go with a dagger or katars with agi and 10+ crit (IM ops) cuz you're planning to go squishy anyways zz. If you use in game options, the crit% isn't exactly good enough for you to crit enough to do enough dmg.

    As for skills.. The Aero Rohan Calc wasn't working >< So I kinda MS Painted a skill tree. Um ppl feel free to correct me about this, but:

    All the Assassin tree buffs on the left- they're what make your agi dhan "work," so, get them.

    Parry - it's up to you, whether you want more block rate. But if you're going to have to block stuff, you're probably gonna die anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by kingz
    Elusion Trap - This is a good damage modifier if you're an agi dhan on a single target. Unfortunately, I would still go with Doom Trap for agi avengers over this trap. It's your decision if you decide to play agi avenger on Jin.
    Secret hide v duplication, if secret hide works, then it's the same effect from your mortal rising, but I can't remember exactly why my friend said to choose this instead. QQ

    Max sprint after all this, or, mirror shield if you really want it, cuz you're going to have some extra points. Sprint's really nice when you're chasing / running away.

    Quote Originally Posted by kingz
    Mirror Shield - Mirror Shield is the skill you invest your points in if you skip out on Parry. This skill DOES reflect all Forefoot variants and all damages (except ticks). If you're one of those crazy vit preds, this is one of the skills that should be maxed. Not really needed for STR/AGI dhans, but you could still rock it if you have the extra points.
    And hopefully someone who plays dhans more'll help you. ^^

    * Jade help me out here, will you? xD *
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    poha. some ppl are just to lazy to use his own brain to get a good skilltree.
    ppl like him want u to post a done build and he going to copy it. foking bull****.
    besides that. look at this thread ~ http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14497
    HE is selling >>>>>Selling Quality Killer Agi Dhan<<<<<. wonder how his skillbuild looks if he has no idea how to skill an agi dhan.
    nuff said

    (pserver yo!)

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    just stick to the guide Aisuhoshi gave it to ya but add to it Suicide and duliacation(if ur not gonna ses it then dont add it)

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