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    Links and you!

    Hey everybody.

    So recently, people have been posting links to websites that look just like ours with a sneaky '.tk' in the URL. This is a country domain that people are using to make a site that looks just like ours, however, there is a keylogger attached.

    We are looking into attaching a warning message when you click a link letting you know that the link is not associated with us and taking you away from our site, but for the mean time DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS ON THE FORUMS RIGHT NOW.

    I know some of you just simply cannot resist clicking links so before you do, hover your mouse cursor over any link will show you the URL on the bottom left of your browser window and if you see a '.tk' in there then it's a scam and don't click it.

    Remember one thing, there is NO reason we would post a link that would send you to our login screen directly to log in. There's just no reason to do it, so if you see this happen, just don't click it. If you are EVER asked to log in, close the tab and then go to THIS URL HERE ( to log in safely on our website.

    A new "External Link Warning" page should open every time you click a link that will send you away from our domain. If you are brought to this page, you may want to first hit "I do not wish to continue." and go back and check the link to make sure it's something safe. If you're worried and don't know if it's ok or not, it's best you just don't visit the link.

    This should help keep everybody safe from any links that could be harmful. Also as I mentioned above, if the link that you're trying to visit has the domain '' in it and you click it and receive the warning message, then THE LINK IS A SCAM. Our own website links should NOT create this message. If any of you have any issues with the new system or find any bugs with it, please send me a PM so I can forward them over to our Web Team.

    Thanks and happy clicking!
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