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    Cool create account problem

    delete this is working now good
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    you sure you're not talking about that little pop-up window that sometimes appears telling you about how secure the web page you are currently viewing, and asking whether or not you want to block it or not.

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    Get a new virus scan, ask your mommy and daddy to give you permission to be on the net, allow certain cookies and make sure they didn't block the website for you. Next to that there is always google Chrome to use if all others don't work.
    Also if it asks you to continue or to block the site, please don't click on "block" but on "allow". aight.

    This has nothing to do with the game but your computer/virusscan/firewall settings.

    but the part to accept rules dont work XD(probably opera foult)
    Scroll down through the "rules" before you can click on "Accept"
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