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Thread: Text problem

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    Text problem

    Hey everyone, I started playng yesterday, but i had problem. Everything what is related to text in-game is unreadable. Text is just so foggy i cant read anything except monster names. Even the game menu is foggy.

    Can someone please tell me how to repair this? Really want to play the game.
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    might have something to do with your computer screen, along with Rohan's available resolutions.

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    I've seen this problem before already and if I had access to the old forums I'd be able to help you out, but alas I don't have the access.

    Anyhow, Tommii might be just on it with the resolution thing - what resolution do you have on your pc screen?

    p.s.: suggestion on the game, if you're totally new to it I do suggest you to start playing tuesday/wednesday when there is a new server out called Divinity. Everyone will be low lvl and everyone will have to start from scratch on there so you won't be behind on lvls nor gears.
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    I solved problem, I changed few setting on windows and now it's running well, but thank you for bothering answer.
    Oh thank-you for that. Il definetly start playng in new server.

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    Impsik what did you do to fix the chat blurr? my friend is having the same issue but cant fix it. what exactly did you do

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