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    Betcha can't find me
    please GM I am mentally challenged and do not know how to use the support system QQ
    Playing R.O.H.A.N: Origin
    Guild - Pornstars
    CerealKiller - Dark Elf (warlock)
    KissMyCrit - Half Elc (ranger)
    Harlequin - Half Elf (scout)

    I know I can be pretty mean and stuff, but deep down I really am pretty mean and stuff.

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    #264760 that's my ticket id....then how?

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    hey gm, i forgot my pw bank, so what would i do?
    please reply this..

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    GM , i forgot my password bank . so how i can get my password ? please reply #276448 A.S.A.P
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    We really apologize for the late response. From now on, i'll be taking care of the forums with GM Kurumu. So your requests will be heard.

    Seal Online Team

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