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start was funny enough, but i dced and had to go.... :S
idk what happened afterwards.

to be back ontopic, sov isnt around very long. so teamplay stil sux a bit. the ohn alliances are still all kinda new and untested. Yours on the other hand are battleforged. trust me if u guys got a guild like marea's old JFF against you, with sov gears. ud be in serious trouble. they have been fighting against 3 and at times 4 major guilds at once. for like 2/3 years. So they knew how to pvp. shame most quit at merge times. and others went to ahkma. idk what happened to all of them. Saw some playing still or again. but most left...
I wasn't ready.

I was blackscreened.

My mouse didn't click.

My keyboard is broken.