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    Unipin Special Top Up Bonus Event!

    Greetings Rohanians!

    Our friends at Unipin are at it again! They bring us a special Top Up Bonus event that will grant you special In-Game Items and even extra Unipin Credits! If you are a Unipin user make sure to make the best out of your purchase!!

    Date of the Event: 04/27 - 05/03

    What you will have to do:
    When you purchase a certain denomination via UniPin you will be getting special in-game items!
    • Purchase 3000RPs via Unipin = Obtain a Hidden Kruger (30 Days) at the end of the event!
    • Purchase 5000RPs via Unipin = Obtain a Chariot (30 Days) at the end of the event!
    • Purchase 8000Rps via Unipin = Obtain a King Lion (30 Days) at the end of the event!

    Limited to 1 Reward per account which reaches the requirement.

    Player's can buy one day 3000RPs and get Hidden Kruger, the next day they can charge 2000RPs and they will get only Chariot (30 Days).

    Best Top Up Player
    By the end of the event on May 3rd Unipin will be searching for the best Top Up player who purchased the most within the event duration and the best Top Up will get the 10% Unipin Credit!!

    So what are you waiting for! Make use of this special deal Unipin has set up for you and start earning rewards!

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    Greetings Rohanians!

    Here's the top 3 top up players. (Nicknames as always).

    Congratulations !

    And for other players who purchased RPs via Unipin more than 3000 RPs, 5000 RPs or 8000 RPs, we loaded prizes at merged mall inventory now.

    If you have any queries on that, please contact us via ticket !
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