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    GM Vedjin here my officially reply

    Since you closed my past ticket and people can still read, shows how cowardly you are afraid that the truth are spoken.

    I will paste your last comment in order to reply
    Greetings Quadra,

    As part of the GM Team, I will be addressing some of your claims here.

    1. We restored as many items as possible even though the situation was strange. You say you do not share account. However, you have connections from your country and, 5 minutes later, you are in another; or you are 8 hours away from your last connection. Not one but several, suggesting that, either you share the account or that you conveniently just logged off when the "hacker" logged in. Yet, we helped you without looking further into.
    2. We asked you about the Mace you claim to help you restore it (which in your ticket is a Fenatti's Mace and here you mention a Glacial Split) and the only answer you have provided is "I can't remember". We cannot find an item without further information like dates or names. We have a flux of Tickets and without accurate information, the investigation will take a lot of time.

    We restore the items as fast as possible, but trading items or "lending" them for your friends or "safekeeping" complicates the whole situation for us.
    All of there could have been avoided if you have shared the information for the investigation in the ticket.

    We are not against or for any player or guild. We work unbiased for everyone. It was a hard work changing the opinion that some players have about our Team, that it was corrupted or biased. We do as much as possible within our own Policies and Terms.

    We do hope you get better, we will continue the investigation for your case if you could answer the questions provided in your ticket. We will finish the investigation as fast as possible if you share this information.
    Your case is still open and we are still investigating your case, but we reached an dead end and we need the information you might have.

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-

    Read more: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#ixzz5mwSq1vxv

    I never logged out by will but was forcedly out of my account, my IP was told in the support ticket and any other ones aren't related to them.

    I spoke about A GLACIAL CLUB AS MY FIRST EVER FORGE AND EVERYONE IN ENIGMA REMEMBERS THAT!!! But said below that the lost mace was clearly a FENATTI'S!!!!

    So why close my thread and not let me reply in order to defend myself?

    This way you want me to look like the bad guy that i'm not?

    What's your guy issue?!
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    Not to mention here's the date of your latest reply!!
    Posted on: 24 April 2019 01:26 PM
    On my ticket, the ticket is from the 28 of March!!!
    The Grandpa Everyone Wants, That Only Enigma Has!

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    They locked the thread probably because there is nothing more to be said, from what I read the GM's did their job ok. It seems to me they have restored most of your items and friends items in a short period of time but only 1 or 2 items are missing that can't be found.

    If you are missing a mace but you cannot provide details about the exact name, stast, date/time of losing it, there is nothing to search for. You're expecting them to find a needle in a stack of needles.
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    Hello Arctic I am so sorry for the late reply, however in hospital they won't let me use my computer a lot.
    The mace was stated on my ticket, the day that it were gone is approximate the days I was hacker or scammed as you said, I believe they just won't reply to my open ticket because someone from the above did the hack.
    Which they can't touch due of being a high player or something.

    I am stuck with a 33% health mace in borrow.

    Best regards
    The Grandpa Everyone Wants, That Only Enigma Has!

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