Hello Shiltizens!

With new pet update, Seal online now have 58 more pets to obtain on the 7th evolution!
With this update, we are making available new cash evolution items to help you obtaining the pet you want the most!

The new items will allow you to improve the changes to get the type of pet that you want while evolving your pets to 7th grade.
The items will affect the rates of obtaining:

- Rare pets
- Pet statistic type
- Pet Type

You can find them on the Item Mall in “Pet” category

Additionally, to join this update, 2 event items will be available on the web mall for limited time:

*Pretty cherry Blossom Leaf Box contains one of the 4 color cherry leaves (red, yellow, green, blue) that can be used as an additional evolution material for 5th to 6th grade.
-This item will be available on the web mall from July 30th ~ August 13th.

*Evolution leaf (100%) can be used to evolve premium pets from 5th to 6th grade with 100% success rate.
-This item will be available on the web mall from August 1st ~ 13th.

Check them all here: https://soshop.playrohan.com/item_li...y=5&sort_key=1

Enjoy the new update!

Love Seal^^

Seal B.O.D Team.