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    Warzone Returns!


    The PvP Warzone Event returns, with more event dates to play in!! It's 50vs.50 PvP madness, and everybody is invited!

    Updated Event Schedule
    Until further notice, the weekly event schedule is as follows:
    Wednesday Warzones: 7am PDT Starting Time (Team set-up 6:30am)
    Saturday Warzones: 10pm PDT Starting Time (Team set-up 9:30pm)
    At this time, event is Duran server only.

    GMs will announce when the event is going to be starting in 30 minutes and players must report to Lime at that time. (Being earlier is better! Be sure you don't miss the deadline or teams will fill up before you arrive!)

    Step 1: Team Formation
    All players who want to play must report to Lime and line up in front of the statue for their class.

    Archery: Hunter
    Basketball: Warrior
    Boxer: Knight
    Bicycle: Priest
    Athlete: Jester
    Gymnast: Craftsman
    Taekwondo: Mage
    Weightlifter: Beginner
    Swimmer: Spectators

    GMs will inspect each player and form teams, once a team is full no other players will be added to that team.

    Once you are on a team GMs will provide free costumes for the event, you must wear the costume!

    Step 2: Moving to the event zone!
    Once teams have been formed, the GM will summon the Warzone Map warp gate in the center of Lime and teams will enter.

    Once inside please gather in the waiting area, the GM will need to manually teleport you to your base and unlock players skills. Remain in your bases side.

    Step 3: Battle Start!
    Once teams have gathered and skills are active a GM will signal the round has begun. First team to win 2 rounds is the winning team! Note, a vendor NPC will also be summoned for players.

    Last team standing wins round.
    No Revive Cash Item
    No Guardian/mount
    Any level character may join, first come first served
    You must wear the Team Costume
    Best of 3 style, first team with 2 victories will win the Warzone event
    Max players 50 vs 50, no limit to specator #'s

    Event Prizes:

    Winning Teams receive:
    1,000,000 Cegel
    1x Golden Chest Key
    2x Ruby
    2x Diamond
    2x Card Collector's Honorable Ticket

    Losing Teams Receive:
    500,000 Cegel
    1X Ruby
    1x Diamond
    1x Card Collector's Honorable Ticket

    All of those who are AFK or go missing:
    5x Chocolate Flavored Candy
    5x Growth Booster

    Prizes are sent each maintenance.

    EDIT: Prizes are now sent to the Mailbox.
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    is that indonesian time?

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    Im not cheating or use programs ilegal,im not sell Rose Hod,because im not complete this event,please unblock my account and my brother account,my ID:hnzway1aa IGN:Eurenkaz & my brother ID:sealwiki IGN:Whiteghost in 1time 2 ID you blocked,WHY ?

    Read more: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#ixzz37oq0Kf00

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broflovski View Post
    is that indonesian time?
    It's Pacific Daylight Time. You can use a converter to check the time of event in your location.

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    meh, i was dissapointed.
    i was in the line up
    did not get the costume

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    im disappointed too , didnt get costume too , alrd waiting for 1 hours , this event just wasting my time n i got nothing , even gunner's skill damage still bug since 2 years ago , wtf

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    what gunner skill?

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    all gunners skill are bug when hit player

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    Hello GM,

    This event should be only 2nd class. so its fair.

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    Well, how about a round for High-level players and a round for Low-level players?

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