Hello Shiltizens,

Already another month has passed and it is time for Seal News once again!
Remember that Seal News is available every month to bring you all the equip plans, development process and last news in the world of Shiltz.

📰Seal News – August 2019!📰

This August:

-Weekend Boost – EXP and Drop 100% (August 16th ~ 19th).

During this weekend, you can have extra drop and extra experience from all the monsters in Shiltz!

-New system event – The Drop Finder! (August 27th ~ October 9th)
In drop finder event, you will be able to find pet eggs, armors and also rare artifacts to open ancient geodes from where you will obtain more Dragon eyes!

-Don’t forget! August Login event will be over on August 27th!
Check here to see the daily prizes you can get: http://forum.playrohan.com/forum/sho...#axzz5wi2Zuggj

Upcoming next few months:

- Class Balance:

Skill reorganizations, balance and redesigning some non-used ones are the main project for this update that will happened through this year.
Developers are planning to bring the first 2 classes (Priest / Wizard) updated late August 2019 early September.

- Old instance Dungeons re-work:

Old dungeons will have some adjustments on equipment acquisition and difficulty. We will inform with more details as soon as we have all the information.

-PK channel will be back soon in September renewed with new events!
Please give us your feedback about your experience on previous season so we can keep improving!

-Developers are working on a Monster Survival reorganization.
Although, we still don't have details about it, but we think that this might be of your interest.

We can’t wait to give you more info about everything that is planned for 2019!

Enjoy the game!

Love Seal^^

Seal B.o.D Team!