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    Any leak about whats coming in future about wizard/priest balancing?

    Is the change gonna make wizard on same level or at least a little below level as zerk in the future?

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    No updates till now at november.. this game is broken for other job besides zerk. i dont know why im still playing it right now LOL

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    just check youtube, some have upload the vid about update in korea

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    The update is all about increasing maximum skill level. Which mostly including astronomically high AP cost and SP cost with small benefit in return, while developers also want to add "more way to obtain SP", in another post from them.
    Not gonna be surprised if they will sell SP potion or something like that. Sells like hotcake, seems likely.
    Even the Koreans are not happy about the update, as seen from their board section.

    And to add more salt to my wound, they don't even bother increasing some buffs duration. Namely, Time Warp. I really don't see any point in taking that skill.
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    This game was most fun when you had to run around and ask people for buffs
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    Quote Originally Posted by walkingdeadnyc View Post
    This game was most fun when you had to run around and ask people for buffs
    Do you look at what forum you are commenting in? Take a look now (hint: It ain't Rohan)

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