Greetings Shiltzens!

We have been looking you grow and having lovely couples.
Having that image in mind, we wanted to do something special for you lovebirds. So this event is for our Couples.

But GM, what do we have to do? 👀

You will have to get a picture with your couple with your Valentine’s attire!
You can then edit it, or not, and then submit your picture to this post in the Comment section.

Ok, GM. Then what? 👀

Easy peasy, you will be participating, along with your honey to win amazing rewards!

Once the event ends, your GMs will vote for the loveliest and then we will announce the winner!

So what does me and my sweetheart get if we win? 👀

Glad you asked, Romeo and Juliet. If you get in the Top 3, you will be participating for the following rewards!

✨First Place:
❤️ 3x Golden Chest Key
❤️ 5x Double Pleasure
❤️ Rabbit Suit Costume (7 days)
❤️ 1x Blessed Diamond

✨Second Place:
💜 2x Golden Chest Key
💜 2x Double Pleasure
💜 3 x Gamemaster Piya-gra

✨Third Place:
💛1x Golden Chest Key
💛 2x Gamemaster Piya-gra

However, if you did not make it to the Top 3, you will receive 2x Rascal Rabbit Balloons.

Great! So is there any rule to bear in mind? 👀

Sure thing! The rules are as follow:
- Take a picture of the couple showing their Saint Valentine’s Attire.
- You can use any program to edit your submission; the theme must be Saint Valentine. Use your creativity!
- Post in our Facebook post with the couple’s character name and server.
- The GMs will choose the most creative and loveliest participations
- Only Submissions on the Facebook post will be considered.
- Only one prize per couple (alter accounts will not be considered for the prizes).
- Only one post per participant.
- Couples must be at least 200 days old.

So, these are the rules for this event! We hope you enjoy this event and the quality time you may have with your couples.

The event will end the Wednesday 24th and rewards will be sent the 25.

We are counting on your participation.

Good luck to all!
Love Seal!
Seal B.o.D Team