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    [EVENT] Valentine’s Crush

    Greetings, Shiltzians!

    We bring you this brand new event that will tempt you every day, but resisting temptation will be worth it. ❤����

    Every day you will receive a Temptation Chocolate at your mailbox*. This chocolate could give you a great boost if you consume it*. Check it out:

    However, if you are strong enough and refrain from eating it, you could obtain wonderful rewards by a lovely lady.
    Introducing [NPC] Valentine’s Crush, the most distinguished Temptation Chocolate taster of all Shiltz. You can go visit her on Town Elim at D3 and exchange your Temptation Chocolates with her.

    These are the sweet rewards you could obtain:

    �� [Untradable] Gold Word of Blessing (3hrs) - 1 Temptation Chocolate
    �� Blessing of Gaius (7 days) - 1 Temptation Chocolate
    �� Fishing EXP (8 hours) - 2 Temptation Chocolates
    �� Golden Fish Hook - 2 Temptation Chocolates
    �� Petnicillin - 3 Temptation Chocolates
    �� [Compensation] Word of Blessing (Gold - 15 days) - 5 Temptation Chocolates
    �� [Compensation] Pouch of Blessing (Gold - 15 days) - 7 Temptation Chocolates
    �� Normal Garnet Necklace - 15 Temptation Chocolates
    �� Normal Moonstone Necklace - 15 Temptation Chocolates
    �� Normal Topaz Necklace - 15 Temptation Chocolates

    *BEWARE: If you eat the Temptation Chocolate, you will turn into a monster and NPC Valentine’s Crush will not like you anymore.
    *Your character has to be above level 20 to obtain the Temptation Chocolate.
    *This event will end on March 9th, before the maintenance.

    Be patient, resist temptation, and have fun!

    Love Seal ^^
    Seal: BoD Team.

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    event duration ?

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    Probably until 9th of march maintenance, like the insomnia and login event

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondi View Post
    event duration ?
    Hi, diamondi! The event will be until March 9th, before the maintenance. Thank you!

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    Umm btw All reward is tradeable(?)

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    So many bot now, it's not fun to play again

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    where can I see the status for the necklace?

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