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Thread: beginner asking

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    Question beginner asking

    how much usually people sell bgm (unappraised) for?and bat wings?and chicken costume?im new...i have lots of those things but i dunno how to sell it lol

    and oh why when i enter unison market my cegels and skill points return to default?

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    bgm unappraised, around 500k
    but, you better appraise it, searching for 10 attack speed :3

    bat wings and chicken costumes are priceless, except chicken costume bottom
    chicken costume bottom almost equal to bgm

    if you enter unison server 'for the first time', your skills and stats will be reset to zero :3

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    thank you for helping ghaghagha ~ :3

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    Hi new comer,
    In my opinion
    You can sell BGM Unappraised @400k if u really need money because if u gambling it maybe u will get bad option
    for chicken clotes, you just find some Bottom Parts and Appraise it
    They need aspd 4-6-8-10
    you can sell it with higher price

    Unison server have different status n skill with Shiltz
    you must refill your Status n skill in there
    you can raid=Kill some bosses
    Hunting with your friends on Antredon dungeon
    Fun time with Survival mode and get some rewards

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    lol no erasnet anymore

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